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In a pub, then second time lucky....

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I met my h2b in 2006 when I was working in a pub. I was 20 and he was 21 and he was too cool for school, and came to the bar one night and was probably one of the only people I didnt know (he had been in Greece for a while) as it was a real locals pub. He seemed quite moody and when I gave him his change, he came back and said he had given me a tenner, not twenty and that I ahd given him too much change. I am still adamant that he was wrong! I ask him if he was telling the truth and he just goes all coy and says, it worked didnt it?! But I know him well enough to think he wouldnt cost himself a tenner :lol:
Anyway, some girl was giving him the run around and we were all talking about what a bitch she was being and when he came to the bar, I said "She's treating you like a mug, you deserve much better than that". God knows where I got the balls to say that to someone I hardly know but this was a different me! He looked at me with a mixture of being flattered and bemused that I had the cheek to say that and walked off. Another night he came in and asked for my number, and I said I was really sorry but I had a boyfriend (I did) and all the lads at the other end of the pub did that "booooo" thing and rinsed him for being rejected. I felt sorry and sent my friend Katie after him to say that I thought he was cute and if I was single I'd have given it to him!
The next day I turned up for my shift and he was in the kitchen! I grabbed Katie and was like, what the hell is he doing here, I am so embarrassed! Turns out, he got a cheffing job the night before which I know now he got partly because he wanted to be around me :P She turned round, walked straight in the kitchen and told him what I had just said and he poked his head out and said something like "bets on for the first one to leave!"
From then on we spent a lot of time together but nothing happened, we spent loads of time smoking in the pub, drinking tea and playing sudoko, he played it very cool and you would never have thought he liked me. He needed somewhere to stay for the summer and I had a free house all summer until my friends came back to London so I offered him somewhere to stay. He would walk me home, and we'd sit in Nero drinking coffee and not even speaking just reading the paper, which he now says he just fell in love with me. Eventually he did take up my offer to stay and we started seeing each other- wrong I know on my part, but I was so selfish back then- and I have never had times like that with anyone. But, long story shorter, I wouldnt leave my then boyf and told h2b so- so he left to live with his grandad and get over it. Just packed up and left and I had no idea, he just didnt show up for work.
Some bad stuff happened to me that year and when I called him to tell him he was so cold and I was devastated. But, h2b came back and we would meet up now and again, my friends all loved him and then we lost touch for 6 months. In those 6 months, my ex & i split, and altho it was right, I was homeless, sad, pregnant and I then miscarried through stress, had a dodgy smear test scare and seeing him on and off. Then towards the end of all this, I got back in touch with h2b just as the right time! who, once again needed somewhere to live! There was a spare room in my house share...
I got off the phone to him, and my then BM said she hadnt seen me smile like that in months. He had a girlf, who he split with almost straight away, and when I found out he had one, I remember saying to my BM, really tongue in cheek, oh dont worry about her, she wont be around long! Co*ky cow!
When I am with him I am funnier, kinder, sexier, more thoughtful, just better all round- I'm the curry to his rice he says :lol: . I was supposed to be moving to spain to get away from everything but then he stayed over that night and never left! However, I didnt really beleive he was serious and thought he was just casual, I would tell him not to say things he didnt mean and he says I seemed so tough but also so fragile. I know it seems silly but one thing that made me fall in love with him is we were in the garden smoking and he tripped over something and it was a magpie caught in a football net and he so carefully and gently cut it out and set it free. He said I should make my own decision as to whether I would leave or not but that all his mates and his mum thought I should stay- the things that were making me unhappy were gone so why leave? I was just shocked that he had spoken to his mum about me andit made me realise he did actually really like me! We officially became a couple the day I decided not to leave.

We moved into our own place 2 months later, had some heavy partying and working, moved out of London 10 months after that and became pregnant a year after that! We thought I couldnt have children and started fertility treatment and although we eventually didnt need it, he was so supportive and we really were in it together. We have songs which are 'our songs' he will call me ten times a day to tell me rubbish, or to youtube songs and underground artists he's heard of and he is so romantic and thoughtful. He'll tear clothes out of the metro he thinks I would like, or will buy me a top he'll see in my fave shop (he is also terrible with money lol ...) I have never had a ;) life like it!!!! :o He is a dreamer, like me, but he makes me more grounded because I have to reign him back down to earth! We are both so different to how we were when we met- so reckless and selfish and into all the wrong things, we feel like we have grown up together. I have never met anyone who "got me" the way he does and visa versa, we have both been through a lot and we adore each other but it feels equal- it never felt equal before, like I always had too much power. He totally got me over losing my babies and he tells people how he fought for me :wub: he was just straightening out his life when I came into it and so was I it's like so many things were meant to be. We laugh so much and he makes me feel better when I am low, we love our little boy so much he really has brought us even closer together. And I couldnt have gotten through my labour without him, he did all my breathing with me through it! We always say we saved each other and it couldnt be more right.

God that was long, but I really enjoyed that! My lovely lovely boy xxx

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aaaw thats so sweet it made me cry xx



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So sweet xxx